Corporate Website

Does your site need a refresh?

Your website starts the sales funnel. It represents your company to every potential client. It is the first impression.

However, too many companies take corporate websites for granted.They view it as nothing more than brochure-ware requiring limited investment. Unfortunately old, dusty, stale, text heavy, poorly navigated sites diminishes a potential client's view of your company's value. However we take a different view. New Madison Ave services help companies convert brochure-ware sites to active lead generation platforms that capture potential clients at the point of inspiration and services existing ones in a way that increases the retention and life-time value of that customer.  

We develop websites based on existing best practices found in best of class brochure-ware sites and integrate proven, high engagement features and functionality that provide innovate and memorable experiences. These experiences will not only improve engagement and conversion, but will provide the superior brand image most companies desire.

Integration of surveys, chat, mobile capabilities, social content and digital asset management systems are all the features that help a site deliver a superior customer experience. To improve overall customer service levels, integrating analytics will help you track engagement, design improved user interfaces and evaluate the effectiveness of online marketing and merchandising tactics.  

To provide these services New Madison Ave specializes in various content management systems as well as a host of various support services and hosting options.