Today’s Digital Innovators

Creating Tomorrow’s Intelligent Products 

Product managers who drive development, adoption & customer experience of a digital product while creating new value pools and revenue models are today’s innovators. Their new intelligent and always available products will influence a company’s direction and competitive position for years to come.  So, it is important.

If you don’t have a digital product management function, Madison Ave can help with a full range of life cycle services. From conceptualization to adoption we have the talent to help.

However, many companies have highly talented product managers that are time challenged and for those we offer services in specific areas to help. Services include:

  • New Product Ideation uses New Madison Ave’s Art of the Possible methodology to identify new opportunities and value propositions for intelligent digital products

  • Prototyping since many times the “customer does not know what they want”. Bring life to your new ideas and engage in voice-of-the-customer conversations

  • Service thinking, user experience design and customer success approach provide design solutions for specific experiences and users in mind

  • Using big data to provide the insights to grow useage, add new capabilities or improve existing ones

  • Creating a Consistent Brand Experience across all devices and technologies

  • On-Boarding of new technology in a way that accelerates time-to-value, avoids overspending and ensures the stability and security

  • Monetization and Business Model Strategies

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