Integration Services

Near real-time data is essential to delivering a superior customer experience and achieving the benefits of a data driven culture.

Most marketing systems are stand-alone “point” systems that do one or two things really well. However to gain the most effectiveness from these systems CMO’s have discovered they need to integrate these systems with existing CRM, Business Intelligence, Marketing Resource Management, Warehousing and Distribution, CRM and corporate financials systems to gain the business process efficiency or improved decision making they desire.

However, integration is complex. Normally many technology vendors are involved, there are conflicting standards and many times the departments or enterprises that need to integrate have different operating procedures. In addition to technology challenges there are policy, organizational, procedural and cultural issues that must be addressed in what is a normally complex, matrixed organizational environment. 

New Madison Ave’s Integration service helps solve these integration challenges.  Our professionals delivery our services with the knowledge of technologies, hosting vendors, security, standards, EDI and API’s required to integrated different systems being hosted in various ways. Our technology partners include Informatica, Mulesoft, Tibco, IBM and Microsoft.

E-Commerce | M-Commerce Fulfillment Integration

Selling is the promise. Delivering the right product at the right time is keeping the promise. Informing your customer’s of the order status throughout the order to delivery cycle is a key customer experience. How well you do this defines customer satisfaction levels, inventory turn optimization and warehousing efficiencies.

However, many companies struggle with this integration due to policy, organization, procedural and technology issues. This struggle prevents cost effective solutions that have impactful results on customer satisfaction levels.

To help clients improve their overall competitiveness, New Madison is experience in helping improve this process by creating efficiencies and data transparency that improves our client’s customer experience. Especially in e-commerce situations where company fulfillment capabilities are designed for palette shipments, not single product; or where a company using a third party fulfillment partner that has different technologies, business policies or procedures that hinder the process.

In addition to solving the e-commerce integration complexity, New Madison Ave professionals focus on improving cycle time and reducing information float. Our philosophy is to get to real-time or near real-time data as cost effectively as possible, because the faster the integration of data, the faster another business processes starts, thus having an positive impact on productivity.

Marketing Data Hub Integration 

Marketing has the most complex data within an organization. In addition to customer, product, order, market, channel and margin information, marketing has to integrate media, digital, behavioral and competitive data to provide the actionable insights required to lift sales, open new markets, acquire new customers or optimize spending.

However integrating data from many different sources is hard. Accuracy, timeliness and completeness of data is fundamental, yet rarely achieved. Technical, business process, data governance and data security are just some of the issues that each integration team faces.

Helping our clients navigate through this complexity to arrive at a quality and cost effective solution in this fluid political and technical environment, is what the professionals in New Madison Ave Integration services do.