Intelligent Assets

Internet-of-Things Create Cyber – Physical Systems

New Madison Ave we specialized in Big Data, AI and Advanced Analytics in support of Industry 4.0 initiatives. Using computer vision, deep learning, and conversational AI we can create new capabilities and make sense of the mountains of data your internet-of-things create. This includes data created by shopfloor, RFID, sensors, robots, manufacturing execution systems and building systems. Massive amounts of seemingly independent data, that when combined will find illuminating patterns that will lead to improvements.

Our experience includes using computer vision and deep learning in new ways. We have used AI to perform inspections to identify quality issues, and predictive modeling to forecast an event, in this case, using a variety of advanced sensors, cameras and sound. What is interesting about these successful examples of AI, is that AI was applied very tactically, on a very focused problem with a narrow set of use cases.

Taking a broader perspective, Industry 4.0 touches the entire product/ service delivery value chain. This includes optimizing operational processes, industrial assets, energy, people, logistics & supply chain, quality and forecast accuracy.

 Our belief is that the factory of the future will be more intelligent, focused on human – machine interface so the collaboration between them will drive continuous improvement will lead to great achievements.

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“Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000.” Pierre Nanterme