E-Commerce channels are how customers interact with companies. In both b2b and b2c companies, e-commerce defines your “Digitally Mediated Customer Experience” and by association, your brand. 

Findability, transaction ease and speed, coupled with simple to use digital services are pleasant customer experiences that deliver a high quality “Digitally Mediated Customer Experience”. At the most fundamental level these experiences are built by software developers and systems engineers provided by marketing technology integrators such as New Madison Ave.

If you are considering re-platforming your existing e-commerce systems, adding a new omni-channel solution, improving the integration with back-end fulfillment ERP systems, moving to a hosted solution or trying to mine the data, New Madison Ave can help. We can also assist in providing long term coding and system administration services.  


We help our client’s succeed in e-commerce by providing a full range of services that take a high tech – hi touch approach. They include:

  • Art of the Possible – Digital Commerce Strategic Plan
  • B2B E-Commerce Tactical Plan
  • B2B, B2C, D2C, P2P E-Commerce architecture
  • Software evaluation & selection
  • M-Commerce
  • Payments
  • Social referral and merchandising add ons
  • Hosting evaluation & selection  
  • Multi-device customer experience mapping
  • User experience design 
  • Java, PHP, Python, J2EE coding
  • Fulfillment, ERP, BI & CRM integration
  • Security, PCI Compliance

Art of the Possible Strategic Planning 

New Madison Ave can help with the Art of the Possible, a strategic planning process that will have you ready to implement in just 45 days. As budgets are being set for the coming year, now is the time to plan. Our strategic plan includes:

  • An opportunity and competitive environment assessment
  • Clearly defined business and revenue models
  • Recommended technical and support platforms
  • A step-by-step roadmap for implementation
  • All supporting financial elements - budgets, P&L, forecasting

And once we’ve mapped out a path forward, New Madison Ave can help with implementation. We offer a full suite of supporting services that includes evaluation and analysis of technical platform services, contract negotiation with third party vendors and service providers, platform design and configuration, programming and performance testing.

The transformative power of e-Commerce has been proven in the consumer sector. Experts predict that that the business-to-business market is next. By embracing the right technologies and setting up efficient operational models you can build a sustainable digital business. Are you ready?

B2B E-Commerce

New Madison Ave’s b2b e-commerce practice specializes in the unique challenges of b2b e-commerce. Where both b2b and b2c share the same high end user expectations of engaging content, ease of use, fast and secure transactions and self service capabilities, b2b offers additional challenges due to its tight integration with existing business processes such as credit and collections as well as shipping and returns management to name a few. Additionally, is has to be tied into the enterprise cyber-security architecture and meet all the network and data security requirements.

Clearly b2b e-commerce presents different challenges than b2c and needs a different type of partner to be successful. New Madison Ave’s expertise in the entire order-to-cash process, from e-commerce to ERP to supply chain, can design and implement a seamless b2b customer experience while meeting the needs of existing company policies, procedures and technological capabilities. 

Team & Approach

Our highly trained and experienced team includes strategists, customer journey and experience experts, UI designers, architects, analysts, data scientists, developers, engineers and project and program managers. To ensure that things are done right and on time we use agile development methodologies and scrum project management approach wherever possible. In some cases where a more traditional waterfall approach is required, we use a four phase approach.

Digital E-Commerce Technology

Our specialty includes IBM Websphere Commerce, Magento Enterprise and Elastic Path e-commerce platforms as well as Drupal, Acquia and IBM content management systems.  

We are the CMO’s CIO when it comes to Digital Commerce infrastructure.


Get a roadmap to e-Commerce implementation with the Art of the Possible.