It takes a team to do digital well!

CxO’s Advisory Service

Chief Marketing, Chief Information and Chief Human Resource Officers are challenged by digital transformations. Digital changes how people buy and how they feel about the brand. Digital changes technologies and introduces a large number of potential technology and business process issues that have to be considered before you can integrate and secure your enterprise architecture in a digital world. Lastly, people have to change, which is one of the most difficult aspects of a digital change effort. As you can see the need for a team of experts to manage the customer, technical and people change is required for every digital transformation. 

Chief Marketing Officer

We help Chief Marketing Officers navigate the world of marketing technology. There are over 400 marketing technologies that help improve awareness, strengthen engagement, improve conversion, simplify transactions and nurture repeat business. Include the additional complexity of integrating with marketplaces such as Amazon and Facebook, in addition to Software-as-a-Service platforms such as Salesforce and NetSuite and Chief Marketing Officers have a challenge keeping up.

To help CMO’s learn about new marketing and sales technologies as well as deliver a competitive digital platform for our clients, New Madison Ave provides the following advisory services to Chief Marketing Officer's:

  • Digital Commerce Capabilities Assessment
  • Digital Commerce Strategy
  • Marketing Business Intelligence & Analytics Assessment
  • Marketing Business Intelligence & Analytics Strategy
  • Marketing Master Data Management & Governance
  • Marketing & Advertising Operations Solutions
  • Digital Touch Point Audit
  • Customer Experience Mapping

Chief Information Officer

Digital is challenging Chief Information Officers in many ways. First and foremost there is a talent war in digital. Most IT staff lack the required experience in in e-commerce, analytics, mobile and marketing technology to be effective advisors and change agents to the sales and marketing function. Second, digital requires addition effort and risk to integrate new solutions with existing enterprise legacy systems. And third, digital presents a new level of risk, especially if you are opening your sites to the outside world and plan to transact monetary transactions. Using technology to secure the assets of the firm is one of the key responsibilities of the CIO and how to do it in a rapidly changing and notoriously open digital environment is challenging

To assist the Chief Information Officer provide the best digital and marketing software service to their sales and marketing clients, New Madison Ave offers the following Chief Information Officer advisory services:

  • Digital Commerce Capabilities Assessment
  • Digital Commerce Re-Platforming Assessment
  • Digital Commerce Infrastructure Assessment
  • Digital Commerce Strategy 
  • Marketing Technology Capabilities Assessment
  • Marketing Technology Strategy
  • Marketing Business Intelligence & Analytics Assessment
  • Marketing Analytics Infrastructure Assessment
  • Marketing Business Intelligence & Analytics Strategy
  • Marketing Master Data Management & Governance
  • Hosting, Cloud and SaaS Solution Evaluation
  • IT Effectiveness Audit
  • Software Development Best Practice Assessment  
  • IT Cost Reduction Plan

Chief Human Resource Officer

Digital can change a business for the better if people allow it. Without the right change management plan, a digital transformation will be stymied by fear, territorialism and infighting. The risk is that the vision will never be realized.

Our digital change management program recognizes this fact and can help the CHRO construct and execute a change management plan that is relevant and focused on the right areas. Our approach discovers resistance points, evaluates the adequacy of resources and constructs a rewards and recognition program that will accelerate understanding which increases individual buy-in and organizational alignment. 

We work with team leaders and department heads to envision new business processes and formulate strategies to transition staff to new roles and responsibilities, including individual development plans. We help them define, isolate and solve issues in a positive way to keep the pace moving while maintaining mutual respect for their team members.

Our experience shows that all digital and technology projects are people projects. People are the common denominator and they make or break a digital initiative. So if you are investing money as well as staff time and energies in a digital initiative, we strong suggest you consider a change management assessment as a first step to ensure you have the right approach to your people. 

Services New Madison Ave offers Chief Human Resource Officers to help shepherd digital initiatives include:

  • Digital Readiness Assessment
  • Digital Organization Development Plan
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Skills Sourcing Strategy