• Win prestigious industry awards

  • Win prestigious web awards  

  • Create new $25 million services businesses

  • Differentiate service to lift sales $150 million

  • Re-platform PaaS and sold to strategic buyer


  • Optimize billion-dollar marketing investment

  • Lift recurring sales by 35%

  • Optimize SKU’s, ROI and product decay curves

  • Identify customers at risk

  • Reduce inbound call volume using chatbots

  • Improve personalization with analytics

  • Improve content taxonomy & search with AI

  • Accelerate development cycles and reduce costs

  • Recommend appropriate e-commerce platform

  • Improve satisfaction with service design thinking


  • New AI / Analytics ideas for products and platforms

  • New $100 million AI business models

  • Big Data platform for media optimization

  • Intelligent Agent using computer vision