CEO Advisory Service

Digital transformations require senior leadership

Todays CEO’ must be digital CEO’s, but they are challenged in doing so. The rules have changed. Digital introduces new customer behaviors including how they find, evaluate and purchase products and services and many CEO’s are worried that not only do they not have the necessary background to steer the digital transformation every company faces, but their teams do not have the necessary backgrounds to provide the level of expert advice and council needed when embarking on a major digital initiative or transformation.

Savvy CEO’s know that their customer’s digital experience impacts every aspect of a company’s values chain, from marketing and sales through fulfillment to post sale service. They understand that if digital impacts the entire customer experience then it must impact top line growth, cost structure, operational efficiency and service differentiation. It is this insight that CEO understand that a digital transformation is an enterprise transformation. It is important because it will define the company’s competitive infrastructure for years to come and they know that this type of change requires CEO active leadership.

In addition of not being digitally comfortable most CEO’s lack the time and attention they can dedicate to a digital transformation considering their number one priority of focusing on current performance. This is where our CEO Advisory Service can help.

We provide the necessary advice, council and oversight CEO’s need to ensure that they, the CEO's, are providing the right thought leadership and executive level support for a digital transformation to be successful. These services include:

  • Digital Capabilities SWOT Analysis
  • Enterprise Digital Vision
  • Digital Transformation Governance
  • Value Capture

Adding digital transformations to an already full agenda is every CEO’s challenge. And although CEO might feel they can “balance” this wide breadth of corporate responsibilities, our experience is that most digital initiatives do to not meet expectations when a CEO cannot provide the 20 hours a week of leadership that every digital transformation requires.

Our service can help CEO's provide the right level of executive leadership that will maximize the CEO’s time and reduce the amount of time they have to spend dedicated to a digital transformation from 15 hours per week to 3 hours per week. And we accomplish this without being over bearing to your management or project teams. In fact most senior managers and team members appreciate our participation since it shows the importance the CEO is putting on the digital initiatives and they now have a “channel” to express themselves to the CEO.   

To learn how we might help you with digital governance, e-mail or call us to schedule a confidential appointment.