The Next Disruption

AI Enabling Things Never Considered

Intelligent Agents, Computer Visualization and Smart Chatbots

 AI is already impacting our lives. AI algorithms and capabilities are creating new products and services, improving customer experience through improved personalization for marketing and sales efficiency. Computer vision, natural language processing and deep learning offer companies of all sizes, accessible technology for innovation.

 Our services are designed for those wanting to leverage AI, computer vision, machine learning or natural language processing.  We help you ideate, prototype and develop your next Intelligent Agent, Computer Vision or Chatbot app.

 One common challenge our clients faced when starting with AI, was knowing enough about AI to innovate with AI. This lack of knowledge was holding them back and they were eager to learn how they could leverage AI.

 AI 101

Quickly align your team around the possibilities of AI. Our one-day program AI 101 has successfully helped leadership and special projects teams understand the AI capabilities, costs and disruptive use cases. The goal is for each participant to be better versed in AI and create a common framework to help make more informed AI decisions. Read more…

 AI Enabled New Product | Service Conceptualization

AI products require new type of thinking. First, there are new, never before use cases that require a totally different way of thinking than digital or process thinking. User interactions are different, value creation is different, the potential for technology capabilities to generate new value pools are just some of the things to consider when conceptualizing new AI products or services.

 Building on our teams expertise and our proprietary AI Innovation Discovery methodology, we have helped companies from $25 million to $6 billion in sales, identify and prototype new AI opportunities that create new business models, products and services, opens new revenue streams, or provides competitive points of differentiation.

 AI Proof-of-Technology

Test before committing. AI proof-of-technology service helps our clients reduce the fear of the unknown, while reducing the risk of “AI vaporware” aka AI that does not meet the promise.

Frequently, vision anticipates technology capabilities that are not ready for prime-time. Using AI Proof-of-Technology we quickly and cost effectively test the viability of the technology capabilities on platforms such as Tensorflow, Watson and Amazon.

Content Taxonomy Development using AI

Quickly create world class taxonomy and increase search results relevance, create new data products and manage content inventory using AI.  

AI Marketing, Sales & Digital Software

There are hundreds of pure play AI companies in the marketing, sales, customer service, customer success and digital space. If you are selecting a new package or platform, we can help in the evaluation and selection process.

Start leveraging AI to innovate and grow your business.

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“I’m an inventor. I became interested in long-term trends because an invention has to make sense in the world in which it is finished, not the world in which it is started” Ray Kurzweil