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We Solve Data Science Complexity,

So You Can Grow Your Business

In our experience CEO’s expect their executives to have the data they need to make informed, profitable decisions. In response, New Madison Avenue has developed a series of services for marketing and sales professionals to manage data complexity and optimize the return on data investment.

Working with your team, we’ll help you to visualize, design, develop and deploy:

·       Customer & Product predictive analytics

·       Marketing effectiveness and optimization

·       Big Data and business intelligence platforms and visualization tools

Our best-in-class teams specializes in marketing and sales data, both internal and external. They are experts at external data API’s, know the importance of marketing KPIs and know how to apply analytics to optimize them for you.

Fundamentally we believe in the importance of data to your business.

New Madison Ave was founded with the realization that data and digital technologies are irreversibly changing the sales and marketing function across all industries.

Historically, marketing has always had the most complex data and the technologies to manage it have been very expensive. This expense in turn limited use to only the biggest and most sophisticated companies.

Today, with technology costs rapidly declining, more and more companies have the opportunity to leverage the power of data. Our goal is to help you maximize your marketing and sales functions by leveraging data to drive more sales, improve customer profitability, optimize your campaigns, mine social media to better understand customers, and more.    

How We Work

Our data architects can help you design an extensive data platform that fits within your organization's technology policies. By applying algorithmic intelligence to complex business issues, we can bring an unprecedented degree of data-informed precision to the process of solving your business challenges.

Our world-class team is well-versed in all of today’s top technologies.

Start leveraging big data to grow your business.

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“It’s the decade of data and that’s where the revolution will come from.” Alex Pentland MIT