Our clients have different reasons to host a One-Day AI 101 Session

·      Activate team thinking about AI and the opportunities it is creating

·      Want to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

·      Concerned they are missing a big opportunity

·      Concerned their company will be disrupted

·      Not sure how AI or ML can be monetized

·      Create common language so that their teams can have effective AI conversations

·      Want to better understand the costs and barriers to AI adoption

·      Level set team on the promise of AI, its technologies, maturity level and key vendors

AI 101 will accomplish these goals and more. In fact, one client, a senior executive in a multi-billion company summed it up “sure I’ll provide a reference, as long as it is not a competitor” or another “Greater than Great!”. Both big compliments to say the least. During this session we successfully level-set a team of 20 to the opportunities of AI and introduced our framework, AI Art of the Possible, as a disciplined way to think about AI innovation. All within 6 hours.

New Madison Ave stealthy launched AI 101 twelve months ago. Over that time and based on partnering with various clients, we have now refined AI 101 to meet your exact industry or functional needs. We also discovered that AI innovation has a lot to do with new business models, new revenue streams and new competitive positions, which we now factor into every AI 101 session.

If you are interested in moving forward with AI, New Madison Ave is committed to helping. Our AI services including AI 101, AI Product Conceptualization. AI Prototyping, AI Proof-of-Technology and AI Productization are designed to help our clients succeed with artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, intelligent agents, computer vision and natural language understanding.

Additionally, our team is experienced in all major AI platforms and technologies including IBM, Google, AWS and Microsoft.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about AI 101 or any of our other AI offerings

E-mail us: elle@newmadisonave.com


“Individual learning, at some level, is irrelevant for organizational learning. Individuals learn all the time and yet there is no organizational learning. But if teams learn, they become a microcosm for learning throughout the organization. Insights gained are put into action.” Peter M. Senge