About Us

How we became the CMO's CIO.

Our Mission

New Madison Ave is in the business of using data and marketing technology to help companies make the transition to digital business and achieve competitive advantage. That involves leveraging the latest technology to provide predictive certainty and performance accuracy for all types of marketing initiatives.

Fundamentally, we believe that optimal data and digital marketing management is as much about people as it is about technology. Consumers and organizations are driven emotionally yet most often get measured rationally. In this sense, interpreting analytics and putting agile business processes in place that can scale and adapt as new technologies and opportunities emerge requires the strongest level of human leadership. After all, data is just information until someone with vision finds the actionable insight and makes the necessary adjustment that improves performance.

As a result, we place the greatest emphasis on our team and the collaborative approach we take with our clients. Technology will continue to change, but what remains a constant for us is the human part of our equation. Bringing together intelligence, passion and experience allows us to see the road ahead and develop the digital, data and technology strategies to lead the way.

Our Story

As the Chief Information Officer of a global agency holding company and part of their new business team, New Madison Ave Founder, Ed Cannon, had a front row seat to witness the change data driven marketing was having on his industry.

As the dissemination of technology made massive volumes of data more available, it increasingly became clear that strategic, tactical, pricing and promotional decisions were becoming far too complex to be based on intuition and hunches.

Ed believed then (as he does today) that buried in all this data were the keys to sustainable, profitable, business success.

Ed saw the opportunity and founded New Madison Ave.

Today, New Madison Ave offers comprehensive strategy and implementation services in b2b and b2c e-commerce and mobile. New Madison Ave client's include leading internet retailers, publishers, retailers, consumer products companies and business services.



The right experience. The right approach.

New Madison Avenue provides strategic and tactical planning to companies making the transition to digital business. With a human-centric design philosophy and an approach based on stakeholder alignment, we’ll help you use digital technology to elevate your team and expand your business. Learn more about New Madison Ave: